B Dup's Apartment

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B Dub use to own a small little apartment over in Ganton Los Santos. it is considered inaccsesible to the player and is only seen during the mission Cleaning The Hood. as you know it is a apartment so it is rather small. the player is almost taller than the roof. B Dub has a messy apartment. Random things from clothes to Burger shot items is seen on the floor, posters everywhere and a little bed, the kithcen is the smallest kitchen in the game only be 3 big squares long. Outside the apartment graffiti is seen like OG X-Ballas SV and GSF. B Dub no longer lives there, he now lives in his new Crack Palace in Glen Park.

TRIVIA during the mission B Dub instucted Big Bear to clean his toilet. B Dub doesnt have a toilet and it is unknown where he uses the bathroom.

it is possibel the B Dub lives there because his furniture is still seen and the Crack Palace doesn't have a bed. It is unknown where B Dub lives.