Bad Cop Drop

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When you arrive at Jim Fitzgerald's location, you'll witness a cutscene. Jim is understandably worried about the crooked cops who are currently trying to blackmail the two of you. The way Jim sees it, there's two options here. The first and most obvious is to pay the cops off as they want. The second more desirable alternative is to kill these cops to teach them a lesson - you can't push The Lost around. Jim and Johnny agree on going with the latter, killing the crooked cops. Jim will take the lead on this trip and bring you to a location where the two cops are currently sitting in a car.

As Jim approaches, the one cop makes fat jokes about him and asks for payment. Jim responds by punching the cop outside of the car in the stomach before running back to your location, mounting onto his bike. From here you'll ride somewhat slow, leading the police to an ambush site in the Acter Industrial Park. While leading the crooked cops there, you're told holding the B button will allow you to see from the point of view of the cops, which is important as you want to stay in their line of sight and not lose them. Once you all arrive on scene, you'll discover other Lost MC members lying in wait for the cops. Once here seek cover and kill all of the cops in the area. After they're all dead, you're told to leave the scene. Due to the gunfight you've accrued a two-star wanted rating. Once evaded, the mission ends successfully.