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The following is a walkthrough for the mission Bar Brawl in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


Meet the Owner

A Sentinel and two henchmen are provided after the cutscene ends. Head to the Front Page Café and attack the two DBP Security guards in front of the bar. Then talk to the owner of the bar.

Eliminate DBP Security

Head to an area to the south where DBP Security is. Kill all guards marked on the radar. After they are all dead, a cutscene shows two escaping guards on PCJ-600s. They will head south and will eventually stop and dismount their bikes. Securicars will come to attack and blowing each one up will give a $1,000 bonus. Kill the two guards to complete the mission.

Video walkthroughs

<youtube>mZ7dWjbmVao</youtube> <youtube>6gdr62CuhjY</youtube>