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File:Barracks OL.jpg
A Barracks OL, as seen in Grand Theft Auto III.

The Barracks OL is a military truck based on the Flatbed. It exists in all GTA III era games and appears when the player achieves a 6-star Wanted Level. Despite its huge size, it is only capable of carrying one extra passenger. In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, is it simply called the Barracks.

The Barracks OL doesn't appear in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Although it is one of the heaviest vehicles in game, it is faster than the much lighter Flatbed. Its ramming power is awesome: it can easily penetrate a SWAT roadblock. As it is long and has 2 rear axles, it suffers from understeer at higher speeds. The Barracks OL has all-wheel drive, but because of its size and weight, it can easily get stuck in off-road terrain. Much like other vehicles in the game, it will explode if it collides with a Rhino tank. These vehicles are frequently involved in accidents due to the carelessness of their drivers.

The Barracks OL is similar in design and function to the M939 "5 ton" truck.

The Barracks OL comes in two types: covered and uncovered. In the opening of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, Victor Vance appears in the covered truck.



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