Bernie Crane

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Bernie Crane, real name Florian Cravic, is the person that Niko tracked down to America. He served with Niko in the Bosnian War and is one of the two men that Niko suspects betrayed his old army unit. In return for Niko's help, Pegorino crime family capo Ray Boccino locates a man named Talbot that knows Cravic, who leads Niko to Cravic's apartment. After a tense encounter, Niko soon realizes that Cravic is not the culprit. In fact, Cravic has changed his name to Bernie and is a very stereotypical gay man that works as a life coach. He moved to Liberty City because he would be discriminated against in the old country if he came out as gay. Bernie is amazed that Niko is still haunted by the betrayal that occurred so many years ago, which Roman says is proof that Niko needs to let go of the past and move on. Bernie eventually asks for Niko's help, such as killing a murderous homophobic man harassing him in the park. He is dating conservative Deputy Mayor Bryce Dawkins (who, ironically, built his political career on family values) behind Mrs. Dawkins' back.