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A Bickle'76 in GTA Liberty City Stories..
A Bickle'76 in GTA Liberty City Stories..
Appearance(s) [[Appearance::GTA Liberty City Stories]]
Vehicle type Taxicab
Body style 4-door sedan
Capacity 4 (driver and 3 passengers)

The Bickle'76 is a supercharged taxi in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.


The Bickle'76 is an unlockable taxicab that is able to do taxi side-missions. It references the taxi driver Travis Bickle, who is the lead character of the Martin Scorsese film Taxi Driver, which was released in 1976, explaining the "'76" part of the vehicle's name.

The Bickle'76 is unlocked after 100 taxi fares, which results the car spawning in front of the Mean Street Taxis taxi depot in Trenton, Portland.


The Bickle'76 is based on the standard Taxi in GTA LCS, which is a cross of a Chevy Caprice and a Ford Crown Victoria. Although, it sports a supercharger, a permanent red paint job, solid grille, a checker pattern on the lower sides, custom interior and a air of fuzzy dices. It's taxi sign is also optional.


Superior to it's stock counterpart, the Bickle has the engine sound of a supercharged car. It possesses excellent acceleration and top speed. However, the handling is below average. The strength is for the car is also superior to the Taxi, as giving it several good hits will cause smoke to come out of the engine.


  • If you start the taxi side mission with the variant without the taxi sign, the yellow light will still appear, resulting as a yellow ball of light hovering above the car.
  • It is the only custom taxi not to be based off of a Cabbie.

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