Bledar Morina

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Bledar Morina is a minor character in Grand Theft Auto IV. He is an Albanian gangster and part of the small Albanian Mafia. Bledar is a member of a small gang of thugs based in Broker. Along with Kemal Vulaj, Bledar is led by Dardan Petrela, a loan-shark who extorts the lower members of society.

One such man is Roman Bellic, who owes them gambling debts. Despite pressure from Russian mobster Vladimir Glebov to leave Roman alone, Dardan continues to harass him for the owed money by chasing him out of a poker game and eventually tracking him down to his taxi depot. Bledar smashes Roman's computer and Dardan threatens him with a knife, but Roman's cousin Niko Bellic breaks the party up and breaks Dardan's arm. Dardan and Bledar flee, but catch up with Roman later.

Bledar later assaults Roman along with Kemal at a basketball court, but Niko arrives and beats them both severely. Afterwards Niko tracks down and kills Dardan. Bledar and Kemal are never seen again, but it assumed that they simply went to work with another member of the Albanian gang.

Bledar is also a fitness enthusiast and dresses in tracksuits.

Morina is voiced by Gregory Korostishevsky