Blue Beast GTS (mission)

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This is a vehicle side mission which is started by entering the vehicle instead of touching a phone. It is recommended you do these missions to help boost your points.


Enter the blue Beast GTS in southwest Island Heights to find out that two guys tore up a Cat House in south Island City and that Bubby wants them killed. After killing them, you need to escape to a garage in central Brookly Docks before the cops arrive (which they never do unless you obtained a wanted level from the killings).

Text Strategy


Follow roads S/W, W big road, S over bridge, W big road before bridge.

Run over guys.

E, S over bridge, W small road.

Follow into Garage. END!

Video Strategy

If the directions were too confusing, here is a video to follow:

SilentPhill's GTA 1 Let's Play Beast GTS