Body Armor

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Body Armor is a vest the players can wear to get more protection against attacks such as gunshots or a car running them over. Body armors have been in all of the Grand Theft Auto games and can be found in various places around the city. In Grand Theft Auto IV, body armors are more realistic and can longer protect the player if they happen to fall off a vehicle or get run over. In GTA III and Vice City, if the player falls from a height, the body armor protects their health, this feature was taken out in the later games. In GTA III, the body armor shows up in form of a shield, both on spawn points and the HUD. In GTA: Vice City, San Andreas, Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories, the body armor shows up like a blue vest. In GTA IV, instead, it's a vest laying on the floor. Body armors can also be bought from Ammu-Nation shops. Entering an Enforcer automatically fills the players armor fully. In all the GTA III Era games except for GTA III itself, there are ways to increase the players body armor by completing the Vigilante side-mission.