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Boleyn Street is a "street" in GTA IV in Northwood, Algonquin. It is located at the intersection of Frankfort and Exeter Avenue in Northwood. Under the Frankfort High LTA line.


The short dead-end alley can be accessed from Frankfort Ave. Pay 'n' Spray is located to the right of the street; although is does not resemble a street. Merely it's a small offshoot (crosswalk markings/pedestrian scrambles are notable). Dumpsters and gasoline tanks are strewn through the "street", along with firefighters in groups chatting. It's unmarked as a road in maps, only the name will appear when you are in/approaching it.

Mission Appearances

The street has two mission roles:


The Frankfort Avenue LTA station is nearby. Located on Frankfort and Vauxite Street.

Points of Interest