Bomb Da Base II

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Bomb Da Base II is an online multiplayer mission in Grand Theft Auto IV for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. The title is a homage to the Grand Theft Auto III mission called Bomb Da Base. The begins with a cut-scene in which Kenny Petrovic explains how drugs are being smuggled into Liberty City by boat. After the cut-scene ends, the players have to work together in order to bomb the ship which is smuggling the drugs.

The players begin in Algonquin with two black Rebla cars parked nearby. Players must first find and steal a cargo lorry containing bombs. Once obtained, players must then drive it to a helipad. Another cut scene will show another Petrovic gang member landing a helicopter and telling the players that they may need it in order to fight from the air. Players then have to fly the helicopter to the boat, the Platypus. When the helicopter lands, two waypoints appear on the map - this is where the bombs are to be placed.

The players have to make their way to the top of the boat in the control room and also underneath the deck in the cargo hold. Several gangsters will attempt to stop them from planting the bombs and players must retaliate. If three or all players are killed, the mission fails. Each player receives $100 for each enemy they neutralize. Once both bombs have been placed, every team member must escape the boat within about 1 minute before it blows. Players will each then get a share of $4500 to add to your rank. The mission is complete.

Players playing Bomb Da Base II on the PS3 have reported a bug that causes the screen to go black at a certain point in the mission, but there is currently no known fix for this [1]. Quite recently though some players have found that they could in fact complete the mission.