Brucie Kibbutz

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Introduced in: "Search and Delete"

Brucie Kibbutz is a fitness enthusiast and a loud mouth, who enjoys fine women like memhit and cars. He enjoys the attention he gets from being rich. He sports a tattoo of a Chinese character meaning "Me" or "I". Brucie also owns a garage by Roman's Taxi Depot. Once Niko's relationship with him is high enough, he will provide free helicopter rides for him. In one of the missions, he instructs Niko to steal a police car and type an informants name into the car's computer so he can find and assassinate him. This particular mission shows the player a vigilanty type minigame, to access it, you look at the police computer, and look at the most wanted, while doing this, cops are less likely to chase you, you can also call for police backup while in a squad car.

Brucie is voiced by Timothy Adams.