Bryce Dawkins

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Bryce Dawkins is the Deputy Mayor of Liberty City. Although never encountered in person, he is mentioned frequently by Niko's acquaintance, Bernie Crane. It is revealed that Bernie is involved in a romantic relationship with Dawkins who, ironically, built his entire political career on conservative family values and anti-gay legislation. Moreover, Dawkins is married with children yet continues to carry on with his relationship with Bernie.

Dawkins' secret is in danger of being exposed several times, forcing Bernie to enlist the assistance of Niko to help put a stop to the blackmailers, hired by Dimitri Roscalov. Niko's cooperation earns him an Infernus, a gift from both Dawkins and Bernie.

Eventually, Dawkins' affair is somehow leaked but the man vehemently denies being gay as well as any romantic involvement with Bernie, claiming their relationship as being purely platonic. He does however admit that he is going through troubled times and enters a rehabilitation clinic to deal with his "issues".