Bulldog (mission 2)

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This is a vehicle side mission which is started by entering a vehicle rather than going to a phone. It is recommended you do these missions to build up points though.


Enter the Bulldog in east Guernsey City. You are told that someone has kidnapped the caller's wife, so you must first make it to a phone in northwest Hackenslash. You receive a call from the kidnappers telling you to bring the... money to the phone in southeast Hackenslash. Once that is answered, you are told to go to the phone in northeast Brix. After answering that phone, you must then throw the money over the Eaglewood bridge to the boat below to finish this mission.

Text Strategy


N, N/E, small N all way to end, big W.


E, big S, big E, arrow N go alley N.


Out E, just S, big E to end, big N, follow N/E.


Follow big S/W, big W, case on second bridge. END!

Video Strategy (External Link)

If the directions are confusing, here is the video:

Bulldog by SilentPhill's GTA 1 Let's Play on YouTube