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Appearance(s): Bully
Grand Theft Auto series (Referenced only)
Mayor: Unknown
Population: 128,000

Bullworth is the setting of Bully, released by Rockstar Games, the company behind the Grand Theft Auto and Manhuntseries.

Bullworth is situated in the New England area (apparently in the state of New Hampshire according to developers) in the United States of America. It exists in the same fictional universe as the Grand Theft Auto and Manhunt series.


  • Bullworth Academy is the town's independent boarding school for the nation's children, and is the main setting within the town.
  • Bullworth Town is the commercial borough of the city, housing many of the town's shops and the town hall.
  • Old Bullworth Vale is a borough, which has two main areas. There is a shopping section, smaller than Bullworth Town, and a residential area, which houses many of the wealthier residents of the town.
  • New Coventry is the run-down, urban-poor borough, consisting of mainly tenement housing. There are few shops, housing the poorer residents of the town.
  • Blue Skies Industrial Park is the industrial borough of the city and is home to the Townies clique. The area houses the poorest residents of the town and mainly consists of factories and industrial buildings.
  • The Happy Volts Asylum is the city's asylum and houses many inmates.

References to Grand Theft Auto

Bully has several subtle references to the GTA franchise.

  • Bullworth Academy, the main setting of the game, appears briefly in a cameo in an episode of I'm Rich.
  • A Diablo Stallion can be found in Shop class. The car has a different flame pattern though, and lacks a hood-mounted supercharger.
  • A blue Regina can also be sighted on a car-lift in Shop.
    *Similarly, a station wagon appears around town. This station wagon is based on the Vice City and San Andreas renditions of the Regina. 
  • A yellow Forklift can be found parked in a shipping warehouse.
  • A white Yankee with a dark-blue cargo hold can be found parked in an empty lot near another warehouse.
  • A white Boxville can be found in Blue Skies Industrial Park.

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