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These are following Walkthrough of mission Cabmaggedon in Grand Theft Auto:Vice City

First enter the marked taxi in Kaufman Cabs,you will shown the cutscene.The cutscene will show to you to pick up Mercedes Cortez.Then headed to Viceport,where you meet there.Don't crush your wheels to much,because it easily exploded.After reaching the Viceport you will spot there is no sign of Mercedes,but Vice City Cabs will appear.You must destroyed it,at least you must have Tec-9,Uzi or other submachine gun to perform Drive-By.After you destroyed all the taxi,their leader will appear.Now it's time to you to used 8-Ball shop at the corner.Using the 8-Ball shop makes your vehicle to exploded.Use it wisely to fight the leader.Or you can fire it with minigun or the other Heavy Weapons.After you destryoed it,Mission Passed text appear and you have completed the mission.