Calton Heights

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Calton Heights is a district of San Fierro, and is the most affluent neighborhood in the city. It is situated at the top of the highest point in the city, and is home to many of the city's wealthiest residents. It is modeled after San Francisco's Pacific Heights, which is home to numerous multi-million dollar estates, and rests atop the highest point on the entire peninsula.

Calton Heights contains a safehouse (costing $100,000), but no other player-accessible structures. Numerous alleys provide countless opportunities for snatching expensive automobiles (and the occasional weapons spawn) outside of the watchful gaze of the police, who frequent the streets of this district in respectable numbers. Calton Heights is also home to one of San Fierro's most famous landmarks, Windy windy windy windy street, which is modeled after San Francisco's Lombard street, known as "the crookedest street".