Cannon Fodder

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Cannon Fodder
Game GTA Vice City
For Umberto Robina
Target Haitian Drug Van
Location Café Robina
Reward $2000

Cannon Fodder is the second mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City played for Umberto Robina.



Umberto has gone out in a battle with the Haitians, however, his assault on their drug plant didn't go so well, so he and his men were severely injured. Now Umberto wants you to drive some new soldiers to the battle zone in Little Haiti and help them steal the Haitians' van loaded with a shipment of drugs.

The Mission

Get a car which can hold four people, any car, it can be a crummy one since you won't use it again in this mission. When you have the car, drive back to the Café and some Cubans will get in, now drive them to the war zone across the Little Haiti central of Well Stacked Pizza and drop them off.

Now the war begins. You will be in an alley way, at the opposite end of the alley is a group of Haitian soldiers. Get a gun and start killing them off, some more soldiers will show up, so kill them too, when they're all dead you will move alng the alley and a sniper will shoot three Cubans dead. Three more men will arrive in a cab and will start moving forward, so you wil have to kill the sniper before he kills the Cubans. Once the sniper is dead, start shooting at the Haitians that will start moving in, when they're all dead, you will move down an alleyway.

Now you're in a huge open space with at least ten Haitians there, shoot them all dead and get into the drug van with Rico. Now start driving, get out through the way you came in and run over the three Haitian guards waiting at the exit, then drive out into the street. Thanks to all the shooting you did, you will now have a two star wanted level and cops will be after you. Avoid them as fast as you can and drive the van to the Café. Mission accomplished.


(Café Robina, Tommy Vercetti, Alberto Robina and Umberto Robina.)

Tommy: Un cafecito, por favor, Alberto.

Alberto: No problema, Tommy.

(Umberto Robina shows up, tense and shaken.)

Umberto: Papi! Un grande problema!

Alberto: Umberto, my son. What happened?

Umberto: The Haitians! I hate these Haitians! They mess with me for the last time! These Hai - these Haitians. We take 'em out! Only we need some backup. I lost a few hermanos already out there. Tommy, amigo. You drive good.

Tommy: For a woman. Right?

Umberto: This is no time for joking! Come on, drive for me again! Take my boys over there, and then we take these Haitians down! They mess with me! They mess with the biggest boy in town!

(Little Havanna, Cuban hombre.)

Cuban Hombre: We gonna fight like men.

(Outside Haitian Drug Plant, Rico.)

(Tommy arrives with the backup.)

Rico: Hey amigo! Good to see you could make it! Stiinkin' nest of Haitians! We gonna kill 'em all! CHAAAARGE!

(Drug Plant entrance, Rico.)

Rico: Now my brothers! CHAAAARGE!

(Three Cubans charge inside and are shot dead by a sniper.)

Rico: Sniper on the roof! They fight like girls! Take cover!

(Rico pulls out his phone and talks into it.)

Rico: We need reinforcements from the café!

(The reinforcements arrive.)

Rico: Take out that cowardly sniper.

(Tommy takes out the sniper and the guards.)

Rico: Fight like men with HUGE cojones!

(Drug Plant loading bay, Rico.)

Rico: Tommy, we have proved our manful bravery. Let us steal this van filled with drugs and make good our escape!

(Tommy and ico steal the van, avoid the cops and deliver the van to Café Robina.)


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