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Car Salesman is a odd job in GTA Liberty City Stories. The player can start the Odd job when he likes. The Car salesman location is in Saint Mark's on the island of Portland. The Odd job can be available after completing the mission Dealing Revenge by Vincenzo Cilli. The only restriction is that it can only be started between the hours of 8:00 to 18:00, however if you are doing this before the Auto dealer closes, it will carry on, but if you fail you will have to wait until 8:00 the next day. There are six levels to complete, and every 2 levels you complete, a car is delivered to the shop so you can drive it. Before you start the levels a Kuruma will be parked inside. These cars are; after completing level 2; the Sentinel is available. After completing level 4; the Hellenbach is available, but when level 6 is completed the Hellenbach will stay inside, but afterwards the showroom starts to generate extrortion money to player. This also goes to 100% Completion in GTA Liberty City Stories.
File:91956073 2.jpg
Toni taking someone for a test drive

There are four different typesof vehicles on the lot: Off-road, sports, family and muscle cars. Customers standing beside each of the four vehicle types desire what the particular vehicle has to offer. You must drive according to the customer's desires to increase their satisfaction with the car.

A sales meter appears on the right side of the screen. When it fills up completely by driving the way the customer requests, then the sale is all but guaranteed and you must drive back to the lot in the time alloted to close the deal. You earn commision and a time bonus is given, which is added to the next test drive. You must make four car sales to reach the next level. If you fail to make a sale, the mission is over. This is very tough, because the customers get harded to please and easier to annoy as levels progress.