Carmen Ortiz

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Carmen Ortiz, profile name SoBoHoe on, is a character in GTA IV who can be dated by Niko Bellic if you choose to. She is a nurse, but often talks of her ambitions to be a television presenter. She lives in an apartment in Bohan, but seems unhappy there, as she will randomly ask the player to buy her a place in one of the other parts of Liberty City. Niko refuses, however.


Carmen usually refers to herself in third person, e.g. 'She' and 'Carmen'. She also thinks herself to be beautiful, for example upon entering strip clubs with her, she says "My tit job is so much better than the ones these girls have got". She also sometimes has her nails and hair done. Carmen is possibly a bisexual, as she enjoys going to strip clubs on dates. She also claims to be in several different relationships, and says she will never settle down like her Mama.