Carpe Dime

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Carpe 'Dime' is a mission in GTA Chinatown Wars.


Before you can do this mission, you'll need to pay for the property in East Island City that Uncle Kenny is looking at and close the deal. To do that you'll need at least 5000$, and the best way to earn enough is drug dealing. Once you have enough, get over there and pay off the deal.

When it begins, Uncle Kenny thinks he knows who stole Yu Jian. He suspects that some rich fool who is with the Spanish Lords is the robber who left Huang Lee for dead. He tells Huang to jack one of his vans and bring it back to his place.

First of all, you'll need to locate the van. It's in the Meadow Hills area, but once you find it force it to stop, and take it. Quickly drive it back to the flat in East Island City and via the touch screen, cut the panel to search for the sword. Result: No Sword but a book showing recent deals for the Spanish Lords.