Casing the Jewel Store

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Casing the Jewel Store
Game GTA V
For Lester Crest
Target Vangelico's security features and rooftop HVAC system
Location Little Portola
Unlocks Carbine Rifles (Loud Approach)
Bugstars Equipment (Smart Approach)
Unlocked by Friend Request

Casing the Jewel Store is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V, given by Lester Crest to Michael De Santa.


Michael meets Lester at the Darnell Brothers garment factory to begin preparations for a robbery. Lester first suggests the big job, the Union Depository; however, Michael says he wants to start with something smaller. Lester then suggests that they either hit a bank in the sticks or a store. Michael says that stores are easier; however, he states he will need a big take, owing $2.5 million to Martin Madrazo for demolishing his mistress' house. Lester says that they will need to hit a jewelry store and suggests Vangelico in Little Portola. Michael says that he will need a crew to pull the job off, and Lester tells him that none of their old contacts are available, and Michael asks him to find new ones.

As Michael and Lester drive to the jewelry store, Lester reveals that he knows about Michael's dealings with the FIB. Lester then gives Michael a camera and radio relay outfitted in a pair of glasses. When they arrive, Michael goes into the store to scope it out while Lester remains in the car. Michael takes pictures of the security keypad, camera, and air vent, then he asks the sales clerk about the value of the merchandise. After getting the pertinent information inside, Michael and Lester drive around the block to a gutted building. Michael enters the building to access the rooftop. Lester tells Michael to find Vangelico's HVAC unit to get a picture.

After leaving Little Portola, Michael states that the job should be fairly straightforward; however, Lester states that the store has to be hit while it's open since the merchandise is stored in the safe after closing. Michael wants to bring Franklin Clinton onto the job; however, Lester doesn't trust unproven newcomers but allows Michael to bring him on anyway. Upon returning to the garment factory, Lester and Michael begin preparations for the heist.

Heist preperation

Lester suggests two options for the robbery: either going in loud and dumb or taking a smarter, more subtle approach.

Loud Approach

If Michael decides to take the Loud Approach, then Lester states that Michael will need to steal 4 Carbine Rifles from a LSPD tactical squad truck, as buying them off the shelf risks their serial numbers getting traced.

Smart Approach

If Michael decides to take Smart Approach, then Lester suggests that they can pump knockout gas into the HVAC system to knock out the people inside the store, reducing the need for crowd control. Michael will need to source the gas by stealing gas canisters from a Humane Labs and Research truck. Lester suggests using pest control as their cover, meaning Michael will also need to steal a Bugstars van to obtain the equipment.

Both Approaches

Regardless of the entry method, Lester states that a hacker, getaway driver, and gunman are needed for the job.

The hacker disables the security system. The length of time the system is offline depends on the hacker's skill.

  • If Paige Harris is chosen, then the crew will have 90 seconds to raid the cases.
  • If Christian Feltz is chosen, then the crew will have 60 seconds to raid the cases.
  • If Rickie Lukens is chosen, the the crew will have only 30 seconds to raid the cases.

The getaway driver sources the bikes, helps Michael raid the cases, and directs the team during their escape in the under-construction subway tunnels near the Del Perro Freeway.

  • If Eddie Toh is chosen, he will use Sanchez motocross bikes, which are slower, but perform better in the mud, and he competently leads the team through the tunnels.
  • If Karim Denz is chosen, he will use Bati 801 sports bikes, which are faster, but perform poorly off-road, and he loses his bearings in the tunnels if the gunman is killed.

The gunman keeps the crowd in check in the Loud Approach OR assists Michael and the driver in raiding the cases in the Smart approach.

  • If Gustavo Mota is chosen; he keeps the crowd in check during the Loud Approach and won't lose diamonds in the Smart Approach.
  • If the player completes Packie McReary's random encounter and chooses him; like Gustavo, he keeps the crowd in check during the Loud Approach and won't lose diamonds in the Smart Approach.
  • If Norm Richards is chosen; he fails to keep the crowd in check during Loud Approach and will lose diamonds in the Smart Approach. During the escape, Norm will crash out upon reaching the tunnel, dropping his duffel bag. Franklin can recover the diamonds; however, the crew loses $300,000 in casualty expenses.

Secondary objectives

Objective Description
Time Complete the mission within 8 minutes.
Picture Perfect Capture all 3 security features (air vent, camera, and keypad) in one picture.

Video Walkthrough

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