Casino Floor

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the Casino Floor is located in redsands west and is near the Las Venturas Bandits Stadium and is in the back of a steakhouse called "world of cog".the casino is accessible and it is only one of the three accessible casinos in Las Venturas .this casino is one of the most unnoticed and unusual casinos because the fact that most people don't even know the casino even exists!

and that it looks like a bar than a casino also the name is stranger than it's looks the front sign only says casino but when the player enters the casino it will say "casino floor".this casino has blackjack,wheel of fourtune,video poker (like a normal casino will have) but it also has pool.normaly when a gun is shot or cj starts a fight with a croupier,the security will normally shot you but when you have a Wanted Level star the Police will arive and will enter the casino.normally in a regular casino when gained a Wanted Level star the police will wait for the the player to leave the casino,but in this casino they will not hesitate to enter.