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Hello, all. I am admittedly a little confused by the heirarchy decided upon. Why would we not want to also put cities, e.g. San Fierro, into Category:Locations in GTA San Andreas? Isn't San Fierro a location in the game? As is stands, it seems a little jumbled to me to have individual cities only listed in Category:Locations, but not in the appropriate game subcategories. If I were a new player of GTA San Andreas, looking through Category:Locations for the Calton Heights district of San Fierro, I would most likely not start by looking through the numerous (IMO, too many) articles listed at the bottom, but would instead look under Category:Locations in GTA San Andreas to find the city and specific entity I'm looking for in this particular game. Furthermore, it seems to me a little more succinct to have the heriarchy go Category:Locations --> Category:Locations in GTA San Andreas --> Category:Locations in San Fierro --> Calton Heights. According to the pre-defined heirarchy, I would only be able to find Calton Heights by going to Category:San Fierro. What does everyone else think?

All that having been said, I am most likely confused by what is being considered as a location, and what constitutes gaming info., and what is simply general interest. Can someone enlighten me? :-) EganioTalk 20:18, 18 June 2008 (UTC)