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Celebrities in the Grand Theft Auto Series are featured in every GTA game released and usually feature in side missions or acual missions themselves' usually as a boss of menture of sorts here are a list of celebrities by each game.

Grand Theft Auto IV

Samantha Muldoon is a famous pop singer existing in the GTA IV universe, she is the adoptive mother of 12 african babies and was married to billioniare hedge fund manager Kirk Simplex.

January Natasha Vasquez is a Liberty City socialite and daughter of a mexican millionaire drug lord, she is believed to suffer from a heavy cocaine addiction.

Cloe Parker is a world-famous 24 year old celebutante best known for her extravegant spending and a lifestyle of excess, her father the mysterious Mr. Parker who treat's his daughter's every desire is said to be worth 950 billion dollars.

Jill Von Crastenburg is the 13 year old heiress to her families enormous investment banking fortune and a leading figure on the Liberty City party cercuit, she is thought to have been featured in a infamous sex tape and is considered by most to have multible STD's.

Poppy Lifton is a adored former child-actress who frequent's Liberty City hotspots, she is very sexually permiscuis.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City

Love FIst was a popular rock band back in the mid to late 1980's, they were notorious for living on the edge and the sexual explot's.

Candy Suxxx was a beloved adult-film acress back in the 70's and 80's and was one of the porn industry's most successful entrepreneurs, she is now a teacher.