Celebrity in the GTA IV Era

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The Wave of Celebrity in the Grand Theft Auto IV Era is the term used to describe the sudden influx of celebrity and gossip media in the fictional universe of grand theft auto.

Examples of Celebrities in GTA IV

Cloe Parker is a Paris Hilton-like heiress and world-famous celebutante socialite living in Liberty City and Alderney in 2008, she freqently recieves attention from the media usually discussing her notorius explot's.

Samantha Muldoon is a Madonna-like celebrity who has over a dozon adopted children and is married to a billioniare hedge fund manager who later devorced.

Jill Von Crastenburg is a socialite and notorius Liberty City party girl who is also an heiress to the enormous Von Crastenburg Family fortune, which are the wealthiest dynasty in the world and are siad to own half of Algonquin.

January Natasha Vasquez is a Algonquin socialite and daughter of a millioniare drug lord, she has an extreamly low IQ and i most likley inspired by real-life celebrity Kim Kardashian.

Bruce Spade is a Vinewood leading man and world-famous movie-star who is a closeted homosexual, he is likley based on Bruce Willis and David Spade to very famous actors.

Poppy Mitchell is a celebrity former child actress and a frequent Liberty City partygoer she has had sexual relations with Luis Fernando Lopez.