Cesar Vialpando (mission)

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Cesar Vialpando
Game GTA San Andreas
For Sweet
Location Los Santos
Reward Money (amount dependent on wager)
Unlocks Lowriders, Cesar Vialpando Path, Lowrider Challenge, Loco Low Co.
Unlocked by Sweet's Girl

Cesar Vialpando involves finding about about Kendl's boyfriend, Cesar Vialpando.

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Get a Lowrider and get to the meeting where Kendl is meeting her boyfriend.
  2. Compete in a Lowrider competition.

Detailed Walkthrough

Get a Lowrider

At Sweet's house, He and Kendl are arguing about her boyfriend, Cesar Vialpando, due to his ethnicity. Sweet wants you to get to the Lowrider competition where she and Cesar are meeting.

Head to the map marker at Loco Low Co. in Willowfield. After the mechanic explains Lowriders and the Lowrider competitions, back the Lowrider into the garage. Purchase upgrades if you like, but it's not necessary for this mission. Select "Quit" to exit the garage.


Head to the map marker in El Corona to begin the Lowrider competition. This works exactly like the Lowrider Challenge. Wager however much you like. A woman slips into the car before the competition starts. Arrows pointing in one of 8 directions will go across the bottom of the screen and pass through a white circle. You must make the corresponding action (different depending on platform) as the arrow is directly in the center of the circle. Losing this competition fails this mission.

When you've won the competition, Kendl congratulates you and introduces you to her boyfriend, Cesar Vialpando. Cesar's friends seem like they're about to start trouble, but he calls them off. He tells you how much he loves and honors Kendl, and you reluctantly give your "blessing."