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Chico is a character from the Grand Theft Auto series who appears as a minor character in Grand Theft Auto III. He resides in the Portland Island district of Liberty City. Chico was voiced by Hunter Platin.

Chico is an associate of Maria Latore and a drug-dealer, who appears to sell drugs in Chinatown, as Maria says "He's at the rail station at Chinatown waterfront I think". Chico tells Maria of parties going on around Portland and also supplies her with drugs. This can be seen as Maria says: "Nah, just the usual" to Chico and Chico saying "It's my favourite lady", suggesting she is a regular client. Chico offers her SPANK and tells Maria of a party occuring in a warehouse in Atlantic Quays, although the police later storm the party leading to Maria and Claude evading the police to return to Salvatore's Gentlemen's Club.

Grand Theft Auto III Mission Appearances

  • Chaperone