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Chinatown is an area on Portland Island. It was once controlled entirely by the Leone Crime Family. Up until 1998 when the Sindacco Crime Family decided to further it's influence in Liberty City by moving in on Leone Turf, Including Red Light District and Hepburn Heights(Both of which would fall in control of the Leone Control by the end of Liberty City Stories) The Sindacco's began dealing drugs in Chinatown, & after the Sindacco's had been kicked out of Portland by Leone Caporegime, Toni Cipriani, the Liberty City Triads, backed by the newly formed Sicillian Mafia, took over part of Chinatown. By 2001 Chinatown is almost completly in Triad control(Although the Leones still have buissnesses there) which leads to an all out gang war for dominance in Portland, won by the Leones, following the deaths of the 3 main triad leaders.