Chinatown, Algonquin

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Chinatown is a neighborhood in southern Algonquin, Liberty City. It is bordered to the north by Emerald Street (Lower Easton), to the west by Columbus Avenue (City Hall), to the south by Calcium Street (The Exchange), and to the east by Borlock Road (Fishmarket South).


Chinatown is a mixed residential and commercial neighborhood, featuring Chinese immigrations as the majority of its residents. It's a working class ethnic enclave, serving as a stark contrast to the busy nature of surrouding City Hall and The Exchange.

Small, tenement buildings line Chinatown's streets, decorated with Oriental designs. The vast majority of businesses in the neighborhood are Chinese-owned and are tailored specifically for Chinese residents.


Algonquin's Chinatown is directly inspired by Manhattan, New York's own Chinatown.


The Liberty City Subway system serves Chinatown. The Emerald station, located on Emerald Street between Luddite Row and Albany Avenue, is served at all times by the A/J Algonquin Outer Line.