Chinatown, Portland

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In GTA III and GTA Liberty City Stories, Chinatown is an district on Portland Island, Liberty City. It is entirely under the control of the Leone Crime Family until 1998, when the Sindacco Mafia Family decides to further its influence in Liberty City by encroaching on Leone Turf. This attempted take-over includes the Red Light District and Hepburn Heights, both of which would fall under complete Leone Control by the end of Liberty City Stories.

The Sindaccos begin dealing drugs in Chinatown after being run out of Portland by the Leone Caporeigme, Toni Cipriani. The Liberty City Triads, backed by the newly formed Sicilian Mafia, also have a large stake in Chinatown. By 2001, Chinatown is almost completely under Triad control (although the Leones still have businesses there), precipitating an all out gang war for dominance in Portland, which the Leones win, following the deaths of the heads of the 3 Triads.