Cholo Warehouse

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The Cholo Drug Factory is a building south of the back of Le Singe d'Arbre in Little Haiti used by the Cholo Gang in 1984 during GTA Vice City Stories. The building isn't present 2 years later and a Police Bribe is found there.

Events of GTA Vice City Stories

As of the mission Cleaning House, the Cholos are in wars with Ammunition dealer Phil Cassidy, local redneck Marty Williams and estranged Cuban Umberto Robina. However, Umberto is more effected as he lives in Little Havana and the Cholos are trying to take over that part of town. Like the Haitians, the Cholos take it that bit too far by attempting to kill Alberto Robina so Umberto plans the downfall of the Cholo. After that mission, the factory is in ruins and the Cholos hardly ever appear in Little Haiti anymore.