City Hall Hospital

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The unnamed hospital in City Hall, Algonquin, Liberty City is a hospital featured in Grand Theft Auto IV (including Episodes from Liberty City) and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.


Located on a sloped lot bordered by Liberty Lane, Emerald Street and Union Drive West, the City Hall hospital is based within a massive skyscraper that forms part of the district's skyline around City Hall's delta-shaped park. The hospital serves as a respawn point for the player if they die the nearest to the hospital (only after the player unlocks Algonquin), in southern Algonquin.

The eastern and southern sides of the building give no indication as to the nature of the building, while the northwestern side of the building houses a parking lot containing Ambulances and back entrances into the hospital. Because of this, the hospital could sometimes be confused as a regular skyscraper when only viewed on the eastern and southern sides.