Cleaning Out the Bureau

Fresh Meat
Game GTA V
Protagonist Franklin Clinton
Michael De Santa
For Lester Crest
Objective Follow Harvey Molina from the FIB building to obtain his uniform and identification.
Location Darnell Bros. garment factory in La Mesa, Los Santos
Fail The janitor discovers he is being followed
Unlocks Reuniting the Family
Unlocked by The Ballad of Rocco
Time Limit 9 minutes (for gold medal completion)
Achievements Solid Gold, Baby! (can be a part of)

Cleaning Out the Bureau is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V given to protagonist Michael De Santa by Lester Crest from the Darnell Bros. garment factory in La Mesa, Los Santos.



Michael De Santa arrives at the Darnell Bros. garment factory to find Lester Crest alone. Lester responds that, as they are about to do something 'really, really bad' he needs to be a proper textile magnate and not manufacture anything. Michael then explains his problems with Trevor Philips and the two agree that their plans must go on hold. FIB agent Dave Norton then walks up the stairs and tells Michael and Lester that things are getting very bad for them and if they help, he will get Steve Haines off their backs. Haines then appears and tells them that the IAA and others within the FIB are on to them and that he needs the 'evidence' to disappear.

Lester admits that he can not hack into the FIB computer system and that they would have to enter the building. Haines promises that, if they help him, he will delete their files. Michael tells Haines that after this, they are done with the FIB agents. All four leave the factory with Lester and Michael heading to the FIB Building's parking lot entrance. On the way, Lester hacks into a temp agency's computer to find out information about a janitor explaining that they work on temporary contracts and so change frequently. This would them to create their own pass and enter the building to scope it out. Lester discovers that Harvey Molina is about to finish his shift and the two park the car near the entrance and wait for Molina to leave.

While waiting, Lester suggests that they try and delete their files while in the building as an escape plan, not believing that Haines will keep his promise to leave them alone. Lester, meanwhile, tells Michael that there is not much motivation for the job without money. When Michael states that you 'can't put a price on freedom', Lester reminds him the other crew members will not have the same motivation and that he'll ask Haines for some money from the Paleto job. When Molina leaves, Michael and Lester follow him at a distance, to avoid spooking him. As Michael drives, Lester uses his laptop to start setting up other things they'll need for the job with Michael complaining that he is just like his son. Shortly after, Lester tells Michael that he has spoken to Haines and got a budget for the job.

Still tailing Molina, Michael asks what they need and Lester tells him they will need his overalls and ID card. He also tells Michael that he will likely cooperate due to the way treats people. When he arrives at his home, on Las Lagunas Blvd, Molina briefly meets Marilyn but is shrugged off, complaining that she only talks to him when she needs something. He enters his apartment and quickly followed by Michael. Michael explains that he'll give Harvey some money to take a vacation, which Harvey agrees to as he has to work two jobs. Harvey gives him spare overalls and his ID badge. As Michael leaves, he threatens Molina that he will have to do something if he did not cooperate.

Michael leaves the apartment and returns to Lester in the car. The two begin driving back to the garment factory and Lester explains that he called Franklin Clinton to meet them there as they need him to get a hard copy of the plans for the FIB building as he can not find a digital copy as the developer is based in Los Santos. He also explains that the plans are vital in order to bypass 'a couple of hundred million dollars worth of government security'. The two arrive at the factory and enter the office where they find Franklin waiting. He explains to Franklin that they need the paper copy of the plans from architect Chip Peterson. Franklin leaves to try and locate him while Michael leaves to allow Lester time to plan.

Secondary objectives

Objective Description
Eagle Eye Check all the licence plates.
He Missed a Spot Follow the janitor without being spotted.
Time Complete within 9 minutes.

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