Clothing in GTA Vice City Stories

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As you play your way through Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, you will be able to obtain a number of outfits, which you can change at your safehouse. Some can be obtained through completing missions, and some through contributing to your empire. Here is a list.


  • Considered the "Default" outfit, obtained after completing the mission Conduct Unbecoming.

Trailer Trash

Hired Muscle


  • Obtained after building a High-Roller Loan Shark site.


Cuban Style

mission strand.

Pastel Suit

  • Obtained after completing the mission From Zero to Hero and unlocking the East Island.


  • Obtained after building a High-Roller Drugs site.


  • Obtained after building a High-Roller Smuggling site.


  • Obtained after building a High-Roller Robbery site.

Winner's Outfit

  • Obtained after completing the entire mission storyline.

Army Fatigues

  • You can wear this at the beginning of the game, until you complete the mission Conduct


Wearing this outfit will give you the right to enter Fort Baxter through the front gate whenever you wish without being attacked.