Coming Down

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After your successful completion of the mission Politics from Stubbs, you'll receive a frantic phone call from your sort-of-ex-girlfriend Ashley. Apparently she's holed-up in a crackhouse and wants your assistance. You drive to the scene (familiar to GTAIV main-story players as Dwayne Forge's neck of the woods) and you're told to seek her out on the second floor. Upon arriving, you're attacked by a band of drug addicts equipped with either very basic weapons (pistols, baseball bats, etc) or bare fists. Mowing through these foes rather easily, you find Ashley in the back part of a drug-addled apartment on a mattress atop the floor. After a brief cutscene, you're required to escort her off the premises and drive her back to her rundown apartment. In a cutscene, she expresses the desire to just pick up and leave forever and ride off into the sunset with Johnny. Johnny, knowing how Ashley is and fully aware of her addictions, takes none of this seriously and instead leaves her to her misery in the apartment. With that, the mission ends.