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Welcome to the Grand Theft Wiki 2010 Screenshot Competition!

We will picking the best GTA screenshot in the following categories:

  • Best Landscape
  • Best Action Shot
  • Best Vehicle Shot
  • Best Character Pose
  • Best 2D Shot (for GTA 1 and GTA 2)
  • Best Modification Shot
  • Best Overall Screenshot

Submit an Image

Anyone can submit an image into the competition!

To upload an image that is not on this wiki
  • Make sure the image is saved to your PC
  • Go to Special:Upload and select the image
  • In the description box, add the following:
  • Hit upload, and you're done!
To submit an image that has already been uploaded

The deadline for submission is 26 December 2010, so get your skates on!

View Submitted Images

To see images that people have submitted to the competition, see Category:Screenshot Competition


These are the full rules for the 2010 Screenshot Competition
  • Any member of Grand Theft Wiki may participate in the 2010 Screenshot Competition
    • This competition is not restricted to any country or age group
    • However, no physical prizes can be awarded without additional criteria being met
  • Any screenshot of a Grand Theft Auto game or modification may be submitted, providing
    • It is not defamatory, discriminatory, racist or homophobic
    • There is no nudity (real or animated)
  • The final deadline for submission is 18:00 GMT on 26 December 2010
  • You must specify the real creator of the screenshot
    • Any users found to be taking credit for others' work will be disqualified
    • If the creator is not known, the user must specify where they found it
  • The staff have the final decision on winners, disqualification
    • Any complaints may be submitted to an Executive Manager
    • The Executive Managers reserve the right to alter the competition, its rules, categories, criteria, prizes and deadlines at any time, without notice or compensation
  • At all times, users must abide by the rules of Grand Theft Wiki


If you have any questions, ask them on Community talk:2010 Screenshot Competition