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Cleanup Projects are team efforts for getting tasks done on the wiki. Rather than waiting for users to decide to fix something, or waiting for someone to notice a problem, tasks will be assigned to ensure they get done.

Membership of a cleanup project is voluntary, and there is no obligation or expectation to be a member. However it is a great way to get involved and


Initial Housekeeping

The first Cleanup Project is to perform various housekeeping tasks on the wiki. These are done from time to time by staff and active members, but where a backlog has been formed.

Note that Category:Delete and Category:Merge are pretty much up-to-date already, so have been excluded.

I have assigned these tasks initially to staff, but there will soon be an opportunity for the involvement of other users. Feel free to help out with these tasks - you don't even have to ask! Just drop a message on the talk page or my talk page if you're interested.