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Featured Articles are articles that represent the best of what Grand Theft Wiki can do. Some featured articles are shown in the box on the Main Page.

Featured Articles are always detailed, relevant and well-presented, with good use of images, structure and formatting. Some Featured Articles will make good use of tables, galleries and other advanced formatting features.

Extracts of featured articles are put into templates: Template:FA/1, Template:FA/2 etc. These are then shown on the List of Featured Articles, and can be exported. The template {{FA/top}} should be used at the top of each extract.

For an article to become Featured, it must be inspected and approved by an Administrator who will then create the extract and add the details to the below list. If you think an article should become a featured article, please request the status on the discussion page.

See: List of Featured Articles


The List

This is the official record of Featured articles and when they became featured.

Usage: # [[Title]] - [[Template Link]] - Featured on (date) on yyyy-mm-dd format

  1. Liberty City in GTA IV - Template:FA/1 - 2008-01-19
  2. Ambulance - Template:FA/2 - 2008-01-19
  3. Grand Theft Auto World - Template:FA/3 - 2008-01-19
  4. Banshee - Template:FA/4 - 2008-08-19
  5. Taxi - Template:FA/5 - 2009-01-11
  6. Special Vehicles - Template:FA/6 - 2010-03-14