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GTA IV Gripes/Cheat codes

This is the official GTA IV Gripes list

For now,this page is open to everybody.If there is any abuse of this page it will be locked,and all submissions will have to go through the discussion page.

The "Gripes" on this page are intended to warn new players of things they may not like about the game.

The "Rebuts" on this page are intended to explain to new players why some gripes may not be a "gripe" for all players.

How To Gripe

  • Find the appropriate Sub-page for your Gripe.
  • Make sure your Gripe hasn't been mentioned.
  • Start a Gripe with Gripe

Rebut,then follow with your Gripe.

How To Rebut Gripes

  • Rebuttals to gripes should be directly underneath the gripe.
  • Start your rebuttal with :Rebut,then follow with your rebutal.
  • Rebuttals should address reasons it is not a valid gripe,and should not accuse the Gripe of being "Silly" or "stupid".