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  • Set the game in something different besides New York and popular cities. Instead have an accurate depiction of St. Louis. Call it GTA: St. Clark . The Entire Metrolink system should be included along with the Metrobus systems (in a different name like Tri-CityLink). Have 4 local newschannels on TV that seem like their in competition with each other. Also put rail yards in places with long freight trains (however the trains should cross the roads during free roam time not during missions unless it helps the player or dosen't effect them, like in a cutscene). Also, parts of Illinois that are in the entire st louis area can be their. The Island can be called Lincoln. Put cities like East St. Clark (East St. Louis, Concrete City (Granite City), etc. St. Clark County should also have cities a small cities based on their real counterparts in St. Louis County.BlackBoi18
  • i think explosions should be like balllad of gay tony mission bang bang when the crain fell.i also think they shound bring back the hydra and the the start of the game i think your car should be a black 535is bmw but if want futher in the game you can buy other cars .it should be based in 2006 or 2010 .the citys shound be miami,las venturas and and anywere in america . it would be fanstastic to be from the beginning of the the game to be a head of a massive crime family.i think there should be 7 crime familys.also there shound be a massive map with deserts a forest mountains . there should be over 300 explosive missions .also i think the introduction shound come out with a bang.and i think they shound bring back gang wars for territories .and take over lots of bussinessis like clubs and bars and casinos . and i think they shounld bring back more planes and new cars .and in the storyline they shound do like 6 missions were you kidnapp a billionair .you shound be able to call for backup more better clothes like a polo top trackies jackets and suits .also there should be children and animals.there should be holets that you can take over and more mansions .the cheats shold be a moneys and many more.
  • and whe someone gets killed a news van comes and reports it and your gang members should have miniguns,ak47s,desert eagles and smgs

this should be in gta 5

  • be able to enter all buildings
  • should be called gta vice city corrupt vacations
  • a lot of planes
  • alot of helicopters
  • cj or niko bellic as protaginists
  • for all game systems
  • more stars
  • a lot of army things/accsessories
  • 1,000 different vehicles
  • mike toreno
  • the truth
  • sweet johnson
  • ceaser vialpando
  • gay tony
  • more island
  • more boats
  • more activities
  • jetpack
  • bust out of jail unless have money
  • more cops
  • more weapons marine,army,ghetto
  • madd dogg
  • snoop dogg
  • ice cube
  • telivision
  • real websites
  • unlimited money cheat
  • all cars cheat
  • Have a side mission of being a busker. You go to a music store and buy an instrument and take "lessons", so to speak.FunnyJunk 21:30, June 24, 2010 (UTC)
  • I think they should put non-conventional vehicles like in GTA:San Andreas.Bikes.But they should also have skate boards and scooters and stuff like that you can carry in a back pack or something like that so you always have some sort of vehicle with you.You should be able to enter more buildings,and a more customizable protagonist.You should also be able to buy properties like in Vice City;for example,a huge garage where you can keep your cars.Plus,you should have the abiity to use stealth for some missions.Also,you should have the ability to use at least one of your friend's speacial abilities from the beggining.Lastly,a system that saves your progress after certain parts of a mission,like in TLaD and TBoGT,(so you don't have to take a long as drive or see cutscences again)but after each part of a mission(i.e)
  • Part one:Get to Tony's house and use his chopper. Save
  • Part two:Go to the building,kill every one inside and plant the explosives. Save
  • Part three:Return the chopper to Tony's houseShadowspy

Crib and Car Custumization

  • Have wider range of military aircraft (more fighters, add the andromeda, plus maybe a bomber)
  • Bring back ferries -Introzilla
  • AnthonyDelgado I think the next Gta should place in all 3 cities vice city, liberty city and san andreas the protagonist should be a female mafia member of that nature etc. features planes helicopter salons nails salon to get the protagonist nails done clothing shops malls and have the same effects and ragdolls and visual effects gta 4 does just more features missions ablities and make it more intersting but in the end it is up to rockstar oh and make the cities etc. states in san andreas case slightly and more unique and modern oh and plane crashes more real and make more of an impacting when crashing and when exploding having the protagonist being able to have chance very small chance of surviving the crash but having visible injuries more life realistic injuries having all the features gta 4 does and more new much more it ill be a hit.
  • PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD,add in some myths,like ratman and bigfoot, but make it an actual legit part of the game that can be found and proven real,IT WOULD BE SO COOL!!! Surrealelement
  • Different cities around the United States (Liberty City, San Andreas, Vice City, etc.) and can be travel through airport, ship, personal jet, and/or train for a price. Darkexa
  • All Vehicles Should have at least one place where to always spawn

They shouldput more cars in gta 5 and more customization options like you could put police cars lights on an ordinary car and you should be able to buy cars and private jets and cars that no one can take from you. They should also have more under cover cop cars like NOOSE bulletproof humvees and regular cop cars.they should also change the names of the cars to the real names not the fake ones. Like infernus insted of lamboghini. They should also have more cities like citrus from all old gta

  • i think that they should in features such as being able to buy properties, cars, boats and superyatchs.Ragdollmaster
  • I think that the next gta should be set in current times in any american city, preferably san andreas, liberty city, vice city, or they could add chicago to the list. the storyline should involve a young gang member up and coming in a powerful gang in the city, starts out low rank but slowly makes his name in the gang, by proving himself through turf wars, drug deals, etc. if the plot was in san andreas then it could involve the grove street family as a more evolved and well off gang with characters returning like CJ and sweet as their older selves, or they could switch it up and make it from a ballers perspective on how life is in los santos dealing with turf wars and gang rivalries. if the storyline was based in vice city they could show how gang life is in the south, but then change to making money and being more prganized and business like which would fit the vice city scene a little better. if the storyline was based in chicago they could involve midwest life style and all the public transportation as in el trains and buses, if the storyline was set in liberty city, the map would be easy, it really wouldn't have to change much, but it would be from a different perspective just like the dlc, it would be longer then the dlc and you would be able to access everything that the game has to offer. the next gta have more options when customizing your character, that way you could choose what style you would like to be instead of only having very few options. the game should also have more choices that change the whole outcome of the game. it should also have a point involving prison and showing more how it is in there, which would be more realistic, since the game is about crime and prison plays a big part in a lot of criminals lives. Gtafan34
  • The main character is a Mexican trying to get across the border to Los Santos etc, the promised land of nightclubs, bars, gambling etc. but not until you've done lots of crappy jobs first! (Bit of a Scarface rip off I know but who cares). This would split the game by making it 'impossible' to get across the border until you have the necessary credentials (no more bridges out/terrorist warnings). If you did get across the border early in the game you'd just get deported back to Mexico. Also, later on in San Andreas, you could go back across the border to escape the law and later on traffic people across the border by truck or drugs by plane etc. Airports would be welcome back and more open plan, a la San Andreas/Red Dead Redemption rather than well built up Liberty City. Also, following the success of Red Dead Redemption; more animals. I would also like to see the return of articulated trucks and the Walton pick-up too. Failing that, a Vice City re-hash, though I'm not sure that this theme would work unless it was 80's based!? Foz Zombie
  • Purchase different cellphone/smartphone options from Whiz or Badger outlets, including payment per simulated month for premium services (or is that too much?)... smartphones would also have access to player's email account (GTA IV Era) and possibly, but probably not access to internet. The access to email would be nice if designers decide to include another line of "Brucie's Exotics" missions where the player has to return to an internet cafe to get his next assignment. A smartphone with email access would eliminate that. In fact, TBOGT's Luiz Lopez has a BlackBerry look-alike. Szebrine
  • Auto/vehicle inclusions (Note: "clone" are extremely similar like Coquette/Chevrolet Corvette, while "look-alike" are vaguely similar like Banshee/Dodge Viper; I say clone, especially in Aston Martin's case because they're just too beautiful to change too drastically... also, I live in the GTA IV Era, so apply that context to all my ideas.)
  • '11 Tesla Roadster EV look-alike (specific electric motor soundbyte, gang version could be based on Roadster Sport)
  • Weapon inclusions:
  • C4
  • LA85A2
  • Steyr AUG A3
  • Suppressor (for non-Desert Eagle pistols)
  • Finally, I would like to see Vice City's GTA IV Era incarnation over San Andreas and would love to see a definitively benevolent protagonist (much like the Michael Westen of Burn Notice... big fan of the show here). Protagonist would be at odds with law enforcement certainly; but all the while working with shady government agencies-- like Niko's United Liberty Paper Co. mission line-- and against organized crime synicates, fighting for the average citizen. A GTA with this system would see a significant increase of Random Characters over previous GTA titles. But that's just me... Szebrine
  • More safehouses available. From small, dirty apartments to big, outstanding mansions. SonOfDad

be able to silence guns be in the army were a ghillie suit play as niko make a your own soundtrack make it be set in 2010 london enter all buildings and destroy them bring back aircrafts andomada,buzzard,levianthan opening hull,cargobob opening hull,shamal,annhilator, hunter but not the apache the super cobra ,make it be relesed on ps3 and xbox 360 first pc 2 days later and make the game have better graphics redburn2 19:26 25.6.10

  • Well I think that the new GTA should be set in the 1940s. I know what you're thinking the 40s are way back like 60 years ago and who cares now. But, if u think about it back in the 40s there were some decent guns and other stuff so here's what I think should be in the game
  • Planes
  • Cars( Trucks, motercycles, etc.)
  • Trains(which would be cool if u can high jack trains like in San Andreas)
  • Ferries and war ships.
  • A brand new city in a brand new state.
  • more pedestrians who look different.
  • destructible environments
  • All kinds of guns from the 1940s era.
  • a female protagonist.
  • A much bigger environment.
  • Tanks.
  • more interaction between people on the streets.
  • jobs should be available but shouldn't be required
  • more building you can actually walk into more buildings
  • be able to go on dates( like GTA4) and since the jukebox was popular in the 40s and 50s you should be able to go into diners and stuff and jam out (sort of) to 1940s hits.
  • Trolleys ( as some people by then still could not afford cars.)
  • Be able to go to different cities in previous games like Vice City, Liberty City and San Andreas and see what they looked like in the 40s!
  • Radio ( a big source of entertainment back then even though televisions were out by then) ( also here news about WW2 and people believes about it and of course music).
  • pay phones(because people didnt have cell phones)(but the main character doesnt have to pay)
  • and many others............Gtwiki
  • I think Rockstar should team up with DICE to use the FrostBite engine. Weapons, I am tired of the same AK-47 and M4 and Mini-UZI. I want new weapons, maybe a STG .77 AUG or an FN2000. World War 2 weapons would be nice too. I would love an M1A1 Thompson and an UZI. Also bring back the Rhino.UZI-Master
  • The protagonist should be a rookie police officer, just learning the ins and outs of the job (maybe even start in the academy) only to get mixed up with crooked cops and gangsters. He can choose to be honest or shady with the story line changing based on his decisions. When not doing missions he can go patrol on duty and catch criminals or or rob pedestrians. When off duty he could get random security jobs or do jobs for the mob. HANsumSOLO
  • they should have over 600 cars to jack and planes and military vehicles should be brought back - JUJUMAN120
  • The game should be located in multiple locations, which not only includes cities, but also suburban and rural areas similar to GTA San Andreas.
  • Airports should be included which would allow travel to different cities throughout the country. This would go along with the story mode and make free roaming more expansive.
  • The protagonist should be a Vietnam Vet with the game taking place just after the end of the Vietnam War.
  • Throughout the game the player would endure flashbacks sending the player into actual military conflict in the war.
  • The player could start out in a city such as Baltimore, and travel throughout east coast cities such as New York, Boston, Miami, and Washington DC to follow the story mode.
  • During the Vietnam War, the players squad found a massive cache of drugs. The captain of the platoon orders the soldiers to steal the drugs which goes against company orders to reinforce and save a downed helicopter. The captain says that anyone who doesn't listen to him will be shot. The protagonist protests this along with others and is shot. The player survives along with one other man. These two men, who are best friends, meet back up in the US and are hunted down by the rest of the platoon to finish the job. Throughout the story the player is on the run from hired killers, but after his best friend is killed, he vows to hunt and kill all of the men in his platoon who were involved in the drug scandal. RK0305

My top wishes for GTA 5.

1) The re-introduction of Garages

Whilst I didn't mind the car park space outside, there was always something very satisfying about standing next to the garage and seeing your favorite far in your favorite colour slowly appear as the door rose up! For this reason I would love Garages to come.

2) The abilty to purchase VERY RARE cars/Customise cars

Once you had completed GTA 4, you didn't have much to do in the form of spending your money apart from dates and a few nice suits from Perseus, I think Rockstar introducing some very, very rare cars (ONLY available through purchase, no cheats) would give you more gametime in accquiring more money to purchase these "Hypercars" The cars would have to in the region of 300-500k (maybe more) to make you feel like you "earned" them. These cars for example could be the GTA equivalent of a Veyron (Modern car) Jaguar E-Type (Classic Car) or a Ariel Atom. (Unusual Car) I would love to customise cars again also, whilst we can understand it won't be "Need for Speed/Forsa" in depth but just being able to make a car unique to yourself is hugely rewarding. Perhap even being able to go online with our custom cars and race other custom cars also!

3) Building an empire

I love the "Moral decisions" that GTA make you go through now, but why can't be still buy a collection of property and businesses that give the game some serious action post the single player storyline? Rather than perhaps going from Property to property and collecting the money (we can all agree that got a little tedious) the money gets paid into a Bank Account (The bank account was a scrapped idea by Rockstar I believe?) that you can transfer from a Branch/Online? Similar to when CJ in SA had to defend neighbourhoods that he controlled, you could respond to disturbances of your businesses such as "Take down the guys who boosted a car from your Car Lot" or "Deal with thugs causing a scene in your club" Another idea on the Bank front is to introduce a Bills system for Rent, Gym Membership, Petrol (perhaps a little too far, but you get the idea)

4) More shops

You can buy Jewellery, Shirts, Shoes, Props, Crib upgrades, (Sofas, Wider screen TV's, beds) the works, it seems pointless to be able to have $2 Million in cash but nothing to spend it on.

5) Choosing the car colour in Pay&Spray

A little pet peeve of mine, it was annoying to have to drive in and out of the Spray shop 3-4 times to get the right colur as it would take up a day inside the game. Just let us go in, and let us choose. Simple stuff!

i think the protagonist should be very dangerous person who has a lot of power

  • What I really want for the next GTA game, is to have a GTA San Andreas Stories, taking place in 1987, 5 years before GTA San Andreas as Sweet as the protagnist leading up to the events of Brian dieing and CJ going to Librity City.
  • Not deleting missions, taking out many great ideas like GTA SA. I'd also love to see animals like cats, dogs, and jellyfish that do something in the game YayBirdie!
  • physical features of protagonist should be customizeable Boomchikin
  • the Cars, make it more REAL, the current GTA IV is real, but make it more real, like including a odometer, and if you crash the car, airbags will pop and you need to call tow truck to bring it to the workshop.
  • Make a car crash facility. that will be awesome
  • make the cars available to turn off ABS, ESP, TCS..Azlan96
  • cars can be locked via the phone with alarm system Azlan96
  • Set it in London, Paris, Berlin, or Rome
  • Don't make the missions repetative
  • Make missions fun
  • Better checkpoint system
  • Better controlling cars
  • Main Menu
  • Easy load menu
  • Easier to find weapons
  • CHEATS!!!
  • Planes
  • Smarter AI
  • Request songs on radio
  • Better motorcycles
  • Casino
  • Being able to enter all buildings
  • Steal from people, Cat-Burglar
  • Better phone, overall exit button, like back button or something
  • When shot dont put away phone Kcl202
  • Stealth
  • Younggtaplayer Hope that there's a vehicle that based on Lincoln Navigator.
  • Younggtaplayer Hey would you guys bring back the ability to hail a tanker trailer? I really love to crush vehicle with the trailer. Oh not only us have that ability other trucks also have it.
  • YounggtaplayerI really hate when i got a wanted star when defending myself. So in gta 5 when you got shot by other gangs police will try to take you to a safer zone (your gang terittory) instead of trying to arrest you
  • Should be based in America or Russia.
  • The main protagonist should be Russian and ex Russian Army, If its based in America the player should be either an ex soldier or ex DEA.
  • The main protagonist should start with nothing and have to buy rifles and clothing.
  • All buildings are accesible.
  • The main protagonist should be able to by upgrades for his car.
  • the last mission sould be when you kidnapp a leader of a another crime family for billions and escape in a sea plane.i think you should own take ver bussiness like casinos , restaurants clubs ,pubs ,hotels,gun shops,car centres and showrooms it would be brilliant to own warehouses arifields but the airfilends have building to go in to . i thinks think the graphics should be like iv . going into a building should be like iv . i think a the start of the game you go buy a cars like bmws 535is and bmws 5 series sport cars like bullet gt,from a massive car centre,the player should able to by mansions and safehouses . the player shound be a really dangerous mafia boss with lots of power and also have a 20 floor headquarters were a lot of his gang members will be and rercuit up to 10 memer to join you on mssions and when 3 member are in your car the other should steel another car and follow you .there should be 300 explosive missions. there should be the the abilty to change clothes what you buy like buy a jacket with a top and changle the top with anther one and keep the jacket on.there should be polo tops,trackies your gang meber should have ak47s,smgs , descert egales there should be descerts ,forestes ,there should be more better clothes , you should be able to rob anywere you want .when you murder someone a news van come to repot it .better clothes .when crash into a building the the car goe through it .you should go in any buliding . they should bring back lots of cheats like the money cheat .and there should be a gym .have muscle and stamima

the story should leave off where grand theft auto iv finished and make newer cheats like be able to spawn planes like the ghawar and the andromada and the shamal and the fighter which was cut from gta 4 the hunter should reapear as a super cobra niko is the richiest person ever and some people want him dead....

  • I would so pre-order the next GTA if they PLEASE make the cop cars a little more different from each other. Like make EVERY car be able 2 be made into a police car. Like if I drive up to a Polce Station i want to see like 1 Police Cruiser, 1 FBI Cavalcade, 1 NOOSE van, etc. Make it so that there are no 2 cars that are the same. You can have the sae models but change the lights and stuff. Make a whole BUNCH of different branches of the police force. Likee if you have 4 stars make the NOOSE come after you in any car they want. But make the cars cool and have them with POLICE markings. BRING BACK MILITARY 2 THE NEXT GEN CONSOLES. but dont make a wide voriety of military vehicles. its ok to see military vehicles that look alike. make apaches that shoot at the player that are only used by the military and are only abtainable by breaking into the Military Base. THANKS!!! Devonwa1