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* Make the new game like San Andreas. make it so you are able to work out, get buff and the ladies will look at you, talk to you, flirt with you, and some will ask you out.
* Make the new game like San Andreas. make it so you are able to work out, get buff and the ladies will look at you, talk to you, flirt with you, and some will ask you out.
* We should be able to hook up boats to your truck, bring it to a river, and go fishing
* Be able to save boats.
* If your driving a truck you should be able to carry around buddies in the back of it.
* Replace the [[Contender]] with a 2010 Ford F-Super Duty. ([[Vapid]])
* Replace the [[Rancher]] with a 1980 Ford Bronco. ([[Vapid]])
* Replace the [[Bobcat]] with a 1992 Ford F-150. ([[Vapid]])
* Add a truck that looks like a 2010 Chevy Silverado. ([[Declasse]])
* Add a truck that looks like a 2007 Chevy Avalanche. ([[Declasse]])
* Make the [[DF8-90]] a 2004 Chrystler LHS. ([[Schystler]])
* Replace the [[Cavalcade]] with a 2009 Cadillac Escalade. ([[Albany]])
* Replace the [[Presendente]] with a 2010 Cadillac CTS. ([[Albany]])
* Make a car based on a 2010 Dodge Challenger. ([[Bravado]])
* Make a car that is based on a 1971 Moch 1 Fastback Ford Mustang and have it as the police cars. ([[Vapid]])[[User:Hangman'sJoke|Hangman'sJoke]]

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Community:GTA V Wishlist/archive8/instructions

  • The game should take place in Liberty City, Vice City, and San Andreas.
  • As well as all the cities from previous games, new cities like London( which hasn't been seen in 3d yet) and Tokyo. ScotchAutopilot
  • Instead of using an american city every time, use a european one this time, with european cops, vehicles etc (a city like the hague would be wonderful) BlueFoX950
  • Make a replay function in which you can watch back & save hilarious moments BlueFoX950
  • I like the idea about European cities, that would be something to see. Something like Niko returns to Serbia and the game takes place there with Niko Bellic as the polayable character. I can't think of much else to add! PacBoyCraZ (Talk) 17:54, July 22, 2010 (UTC)
  • It should be animals, childrens, mor interactive buildings, that the cops have a pointing sistems to chase you the depends of the crimes yo do, it should be more planes, cars, islands, and be able to pay people for protecting you and do jobs for you as drivers, murderers and guards for your houses, that you can change the furniture of houses, pait them, and customize them. Ther should be name HUDs for each person, like in The Godfather.

You can buy boats, yatchs and customize them.

Shoots more real like when you shoot anyones foot, he can not walk very well, and with car crashes too.Facta97

  • Yeah, you should be able to customize cars and stuff like that. You could give 'em armored tires, windshields, cool designs, you know... PacBoyCraZ (Talk) 18:04, July 22, 2010 (UTC)
  • have more cars, ability to go underwater and shoot while in water Linux731
  • connect charecters from Gta 3, (claude), vice city (tommy) gta 4 (niko), and gta san andreas and make all of them playable and be able to exchange playability Linux731
  • This time you should play as an Asian character (not like Chinatown Wars for DS) put it on the PS3 and Xbox360. I mean you should be able to play as like a Filipino gang member or a Thai crime lord. The reason is of the cultural differences and that there is another Asian country that should be mentioned in the GTA series, not like Vietnam, Korea, Japan, or China. But a country that is less known to some people. If you play as a Filipino gang member then it would almost be the same as San Andreas but with a more cultural theme. Also if you play as a Thai crime lord then you can be in charge and summon your men, distribute meetings for different things such as borrowing money or expanding your orginization, also do not forget that you can have a different fighting style for both these cultures such as Muay Thai Boxing or Arnis, therefore making fights more interesting and powerful. Also, include some characters from previous GTA games into this.* 22:39, July 22, 2010 (UTC)22:39, July 22, 2010 (UTC)~ Arsenal_FanFC
  • I think you should sugesst including the ability to cut down trees and poke people in the eyes with at least one stick. PK2PK2 06:49, July 23, 2010 (UTC)
  • I think that if R* decides to go to another city,they should use Moscow in the early 90' ChristianMD
  • 1.african american character
  • 2.back to san andres years after the city riot in gta san andres,
  • 3.start up the grove street crew again
  • 4. bring back the customisations e.g going to gym, cars, and ad customise boats, planes, property
  • The game needs to be more realistic, so with vehicles able to park and lock any where on the game. so no need for parking spaces or garages. apply to all vehicles.
  • DonkeyKong69 09:46, July 23, 2010 (UTC)
  • Parachute,gyms,barber shops,more safehouses,assets,tattoo parlors,dual wield weapon(desert eagle,uzi...) GhettoLaurie
  • Also more sports cars u no what im sayin theres your shitty turismo ballshit and your infernus but that aint enough you no wat i iz sayin yeah ma bredz, we need bentleys, ferraris, lambos, porsches, Jags and mercedez.
  • maybe just maybe some possible locations like chigaco in the 30's, london and new york in the 60s, betting mania in vegas and and los angeles. more realism such as stats for gym's, bikes like in san andreas. i no this is a bit godfatherish but like when u start rising to the top of the foodchain getting u own empire mansions swimming pools plaines helis, slutty pros and wimen, more exciting missions like bank jobs, shootouts with cops and more police chases 08scullya
  • they should either revamp an old map or create a brand new one, not liberty city. they should also add a parody of the audi R8 and make the police inteceptor accessible in one-player, basically add more brilliant vehicles!Jimothy-64
  • Take Place In All 3 Cities Have OVer 100000 Miles Of Road A Expanded And Updated Liberty City Bring Back Hydros And Modding Cars
  • I think ther should be a lot of more realistic things, like those:
  • Be able to move free through a plane when you are travelling, but that the guards start to calm you down or hit you. Also that you can call the stewardess to ask for food or other things.
  • The Police attacks you with tasers.
  • Rockstar people should add this cars also:
  • Lexus LS600h as NOIR
  • Mercedes-Benz 600 as ROYALE
  • Dodge Coronado as MONTERREY
  • Land Rover Series II as FORTRESS
  • Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham 1975 as WARNER
  • Toyota Land Cruiser 200 as EARTHQUAKE
  • Ferrari California as HOLLYWOOD
  • Audi A8 6.0 W12 as STATHAM (in parody of the actor of The Transporter and his car)
  • Honda Legend 2008 as ELITE
  • Audi R8 as TIREBURNER
  • Porsche 9FF GT9 as SCHWARZWOLFF
  • Ford F-150 1972 Double Cabin as SHEPHERD
  • Volkswagen Type 2 Kombi as GROOVEY
  • Peugeot 505 Break as WEEKENDER
  • Pontiac Firebird II as VOLCANO
  • Bentley Azure as GREENE
  • Volvo XC90 as SCANDINAVIAN
  • Real car airbags
  • For PSP ,PSP GO , X-BOX 360, PS3
  • Jaylenp 23:32, July 23, 2010 (UTC)
  • Super GT
  • The new rancher could be a chevy Suburban
  • The Tampa should be A Chevy Camaro
  • the Bobcat should be based on Toyota Tundra
  • The MArbelle should be based on Buick Century
  • Bentley Continental gt
  • Maybach Exelero
  • Ford F150
  • Mercedez-Benz SLR Mclaren
  • Lincoln Navigator
  • Lincoln MLT
  • Lincoln MKX
  • Lincoln MKS
  • Nissan Murano
  • Dodge CHallenger
  • Honda Accord
  • Nissan Altima
  • Nissan Sentra
  • Chevy Avalanche
  • Dodge Ram
  • Mercury Mountaineer
  • Porche Boxter
  • Dodge Nitro
  • Chevy Silverado
  • Jeep Cherokee
  • Pagani Zonda
  • Maserati MC12
  • Maserati Bora
  • Super GT
  • Ford Fusion
  • VW BEETLE [ Bug ]
  • Toni Cipriani
  • VW EOS
  • Jaylenp 05:17, July 24, 2010 (UTC)
  • Should be multi mapped, like being able to fly to each map with maps such as San Andreas, Liberty City, and Vice City. Liberty City should include Yusuf Amirs building he was working on in The Ballad of Gay Tony, a finished version though and some how crossing CJ, Niko, Claude, Tommy, Louis, or maybe even Yusuf, or Sweet being random characters in each city. Maybe more control of your phone like being able to add certain peoples numbers and saving pics you take with it. More realistic cars like running out of gas and having to fill up. Maybe buildings able to be destroyed like in Mercenaries. KickAssKid
  • And being able to own your own businesses and actually working and buying your own places like in Saints Row or being able to move in with your gf. KickAssKid
  • have better graphics like Manhunt 2:when u shoot some one in the face,there will be a big bloody bullet hole left and when you shoot thier leg they will hobble and hold thier leg unless they are shooting u Teokaijie
  • Rockstar needs to mix things up a little and create a whole new city. Something we haven't seen before, but is still recognizable in appearance and name (famous sites, monuments, etc.). I like the idea of European cities, the best choices probably being: London, Rome, Paris, and Berlin. As for Asia: Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Bangkok. However, a more likely setting due to R*'s American theme would probably be Washington D.C. Lots of famous landmarks, and the nation's capital.Jelen3000
  • Plase add lots of wierd stuff like 'Bigfoot or Ratman'. That would be awesome. But this time, make them REAL, and not stupid rumours, like 'Piggsy'...it's all stupid, although, add some Ufo's, and some creepy people on the street like, Mr Trenchcoat or Parinoid Cowboy...that would be SO cool.
  • For once can we have an English city like London, Liverpool or Manchester, we've had about 2 GTA's and they were hardly worthy of being called a good looking game, also, a chance to kill david cameron would be greatly apprechiated.SaradominXeroX
  • Replace the Coquette with a 1988 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe. Manufactured by Declasse
  • Replace the Uranus with a 1983 Ford Mustang. Manufactured by Vapid
  • Replace the Vigero with a 1987 Chevrolet Camero. Manufactured by Declasse
  • Replace the Ruiner with a 1985 PontiacTrans Am with new fog lights, hood vents, and new optional hood bird "Screaming Chicken" decal. Manufactured by Imponte.
  • Add a car called Furianno based on a 1988 Pontiac Fiero GT. Manufactured by Imponte.
  • i think grand theft auto five should take place in europe london or paris and it should be more of a sims type of game. now hear me out it would still have all of the missions and unlockable things but each mission should be getting you closer to building a gang or empire. there should be like levels of empires or gangs and once you complete a mission you should be able to unlock something to upgrade it. Example: in a mission you help a friend rob a bank. completing this mission would allow you to buy a bunch of stuff for your gang like a hideout or you can put more thugs on your payroll and this friend now is part of your gang. something like that. you should be able to customize your character somewhat too like in the old ones where you could have a superman costume on while mugging some old lady or going on a killing spree. customizable vehicles would be the best too. and in my personal opinion beating up someone with a bat is always pretty fun so make more blunt weapons like 2x4s or make it easier to pistol whip people
  • GTA 5 Should Take Place In Somalia During The Somalia Civil War Have 1000 Vehicles Do Missions For Somalian Government and you fight in the war
  • I think that Grand Theft Auto 5 should take place in Australia or more specifically, Sydney (NSW), Melbourne (Victoria), Brisbane (QLD), Perth (WA) and Adelaide (SA). PK2PK2 05:27, July 25, 2010 (UTC)
  • I also think that all cars should be equipped with optional seatbelts. PK2PK2 05:31, July 25, 2010 (UTC)
  • Let the series take place in foreign countries. Like Mexico City (call it Tenochitlan), Tokyo (call it Fuji), Johannesburg (call it Carlsburg), or Belgrade (Savenzi Grad).Kanzler31 05:45, July 25, 2010 (UTC)
  • Create your own people! Kanzler31 05:48, July 25, 2010 (UTC)
  • Add a "create a scenario" mode, were you can add what characters you want and their role, the location, the objectives, the storyline. Add this as a "final mission passed" reward as the game gets quite boring after you passed all the missions.Kanzler31 05:50, July 25, 2010 (UTC)
  • The next Grand Theft Auto should have a character who is a sleeper agent for some kind of secret service. Josio18
  • Make the whole game revolve around bowling. Bowling was the best part of GTA4. lol, jokes, seriously though, there should be one mission with a shootout at a bowling lane Delo19xcrowbarx 06:58, July 25, 2010 (UTC)
  • A really bad ass antagonist, not one thats is just seen just at the beginning and end of the game, but one that is involved in 90% of missions. My idea is this antagonist called Gordy Brewer, who lules the protagonist into a false sense of security, than kills his family, and the protagonist is heartbroken. Maybe Gordy would wear a mask and would follow the protagonist in a few missions. Delo19xcrowbarx 06:58, July 25, 2010 (UTC)
  • all the stuff i reaaly would like and it could make rockstar more rich
  • there should be 2 antagonist should be diego and andreas and keep trying to kill in most missions
  • the player should be called cain maguire
  • the player should be a pub landlord,mafia boss ,businessman and drug dealer
  • there should be 700 long hard missions
  • bring back haircuts and grow your hair and bring back gyms muscle and stammia
  • for the game 2 be in 2004 and after 100 missions the game jumps to 2006 and after 50 more missions the game jumps to 2008 searching for the antagonist and after 7 more years the player kills them in 2015
  • the player should buy a car at the start of the game like a infurnus a bullet gt a ford or a but i would like a black 535i bmw to spawn at the start of missions to keep throughout the game
  • bring back cheats like money cheats muscle,flyings cars,tanks
  • the clothing should be polo tops ,jeans ,trackies,suits
  • the explosions should be more real
  • uou should take over 100 clubs, 50 pubs and have drinks wearhouses,factories and have gang wars
  • to type in your own music
  • 1 The game should set time right after gta san andreas, where cj extends his buissness.
  • 2 you should still be able to customize cj's hair,clothes,cars,physique.
  • 3 you should be able to recruit gang members to the grove street gang and being able make them secure safehouses,buissnesses and make them follow you as boduguards.
  • 4 bring back the respect,sex apeal,fatness,muscle,stamina meters.
  • 5 new gangs in additon to old ones.
  • 6 cj should be able to have girlfriends again.
  • 7 the gangs will do everything in there power to kill cj
  • 8 should be able to disguise cj as a gangmember from the other gangs.
  • 9 having the choise of wielding to guns
  • 10 cj should meet new people from other games while traveling trough san andreas
  • 11 more transporrts like skateboards,scooters and rollerblades
  • 12 bring back old weapons from gta sa in addition to new ones.
  • 13 cellphones,tv,superfun cheats.
  • 14 there should be alot of missions and unlockable side missions.1-14 suggested by einartorkelsen
  • Be able to control an empire. Like Vice City and Vice City Stories TouchedMadness
  • Be able to choose you city at the beginning (like between liberty, vice, san andreas, and so on) then when you beat the game you can go to a different city and do completely different missions. kind of like morphing multiple games into 1
  • You should beable to meet people off the street and decide if you want them to be a friend or enemy, and all the pedestrians should have a name. their should be more building accessable. way more clothing and accessories for your character. NFIZZLE
  • I think that it should be all set in europe and u have to take planes to different parts in europe. you have alot better cars and weapons and can customize anything thats yours weither you stole it or baught it or if its you. you start off as a teanager 16 - 18 and grow up untill your 38. it should be every house in europe the real houses like egsactly where you live and you can buy any house in europe. Beeniboy96
  • Ok, first, Planes, not jsut plan planes, but jets, passenger, huge planes with destructive abilities, and some passeger planes.

Also Mod garages and heaps of Sport cars, GTA4 sport cars were crap Easier cheat input, you can put cheats in via phone OR Pasue menu(for awkard moments) Multiplayer- More custimaziation, a Red dead redemption start (free rom in the city) and certain areas locked during a actuall match. Also a mode like party mode but you can use cheats in multiplayer (you know for blow them up fun) Map editor Also wiew change, espiccialy on multiplyer, like if your in a plane or car, you can go from normal view to a taxi like view (like so you can view the windows) ad then a free roam view in a plane (and boat) and last but not least, airport travel and Multable citys.Tinyjoshua

  • Gta 5 should be more ghetto. i mean a ganster for a character like Luis not the bikers or the immigrant. the guns should be more in depth like more types for instince revolvers different kinds of rifles besides the Ak47 and the others. gta 4 was fun but to unrealistic i woukld love gta 5 to be more realistic and in the hood of like a detroit. also i think the cars would stay in the spot were u parked it last longer i didnt like my porshe that dissipeard. all in all more ghetto character and more ghetto city Peace Bra!!!
  • also create own characters and in conversations have different options of what to say that changes characters feelings twords you (like if u hate a character be mean to them so u dnt have to deal with them which causes different outcomes of the game diferent characters can do different missions) haveing different out comes would make people play the game over and over. Alpha Protical was a pretty good game only because of the confverstations and different out comes. they should bring in different out comes cuz it would make it a more well thought out game and more fun

Gas system - Make the gas tank run out every once in a while. Fill her up. When your finished you can either pay for it or drive away. Have a gas meter a the side of the screen when you are in the car.

Weapon attachments - Silencer, scope etc.

Fully customizable phone - Buy new phone from shops.

  • GTA5 should take you back in SA, but with multiplayer options. Also, at some point of the game you should be able to get a big mansion in an strategic location like in VC, stuffed with planty of cars, a helicopter and weapons. Also, the game should remember at lest the last 20 vehicles you used and make them available on the exact place where you left them. Would be great too to have passanger aircrafts and a more realistic flight; airplanes in SA took off too early and airports where messy. Dhex100
  • I think for the next GTA videogame, there should be more old skool cars like wood-paneled station wagons with dual note horns. also, when it rains, the wipers should move. there should also be a "behind the wheel" camera view so you can see the steering wheel, dashboard, and the steering wheel should move and the steering should be realistic and the character can perform the "hand over hand" technique on the steering wheel when making sharp turns and be able to use the turn signals. when it rains, the wipers should move to make it more realistic. Another thing that would be amazing for this game would be that the cars would actually run out of gasoline and you can fill up at the stations. for some weather, there should be like snow and severe weather like tornadoes, snow storms, etc..... Another thing would be cool is some sort of weather warning system for when these storms hit. for the cars, there should be manual transmissions and when you jack a car, it will tell you if the car is manual or automatic by displaying an "M" for manual or an "A" for Automatic. another thing I should mention is the lack of Girlfriends; MAKE A WIDER SELECTION OF GIRLS TO DATE!! I also think that the GTA game should take place in a reinvented rendition of Vice City or San Andreas.

Instead of a city, why don't they use a province/state with a whole bunch of cities or a country with a whole bunch of states and provinces. make the map more realistic instead of making it look like a set of deserted islands!

  • Make the 1990 Buick Electra Estate Wagon but instead, name it the Willard Sagewood Estate Wagon and make it with wood panels.
  • Make the new game like San Andreas. make it so you are able to work out, get buff and the ladies will look at you, talk to you, flirt with you, and some will ask you out.
  • We should be able to hook up boats to your truck, bring it to a river, and go fishing
  • Be able to save boats.
  • If your driving a truck you should be able to carry around buddies in the back of it.
  • Add a truck that looks like a 2010 Chevy Silverado. (Declasse)
  • Add a truck that looks like a 2007 Chevy Avalanche. (Declasse)
  • Make a car based on a 2010 Dodge Challenger. (Bravado)
  • Make a car that is based on a 1971 Moch 1 Fastback Ford Mustang and have it as the police cars. (Vapid)Hangman'sJoke