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Managers have full authority in deciding who is to become Staff on Grand Theft Wiki.

If you think somebody should become Staff, or if you would like to be yourself, please Discuss on this talk page, link to their page below, and add {{promote}} to their User Page to be listed for consideration.

Don't forget that any member can act like a staff member, cleaning up content and helping other users. It is the members who do this who will be more likely to be accepted as Staff, which simply gives them extra tools to do that job. There is no point having an administrator that does not add content, because that is what Grand Theft Wiki is all about. However, pretending to actually be staff is not acceptable.

Staff nomination procedure:

  1. Member is nominated (or nominates themselves) to become Staff
  2. If they were nominated by somebody else, they need to accept the nomination
  3. A Manager will then allow the nomination to proceed if it is appropriate
  4. Questions will be asked to the candidate, who must answer them as soon as possible
  5. Users can comment on whether they think the candidate should become Staff or not.. and why
  6. After a few days to a couple of weeks, a Manager will close the nomination and either approve or deny the member as staff
  7. The nomination will be archived as a permanent record

Please view Category:Promote to see the full list of who has been nominated for promotion to Administrator, and Discuss to voice your opinions. Don't forget to sign your name (~~~~).

Currently nominated for promotion:

Nobody is currently nominated for promotion

Successful Nominations

Administrators/George - nomination for User:George by User:Xenon, became Moderator

Unsuccessful Nominations

Administrators/Carl "CJ" Johnson - self-nomination for User:Carl "CJ" Johnson