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Consigliore is a counseller or an adviser to the Boss of a Mafia Family.They are the only rank that doesn't whack anyone and instead try to make their Mafia Family look legitamet.

Although not certain it is belived that when the Vercetti Gang was formed Ken Rosenberg became their consigliore like being a lawyer like most consigliores are.Another suspected consigliore is Luigi Goterelli who co-runs Luigi's Sex Club 7 with Leone Soldatto Mickey Hamfists.It is also said in GTA IV that Moe Schwartz is the consigliore of the Lupisella Family.Pavano Family has Arthur Zepulla as their consigliore.

Notable Consigliore

  • Leone Family-Luigi Goterelli
  • Vercetti Family-Ken Rosenberg
  • Lupisella Family-Moe Schwartz
  • Pavano Family-Arthur Zeppula