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PlayStation 2 Controls

Start - Regardless of whether you're on foot or in a vehicle the start button is the pause button. When the game is paused it brings up your menu which you can cycle through and change various options or look at your statistics.

Select - The select button basically controls the camera for everything, there are three different camera distances you can choose from when running around on foot and various different types of camera for your vehicles as well.

D-pad - The D-pad does not move you or steer your cars in this game. When you're on foot the d-pad is used to recruit gang members if you have that ability, walk up to one of them and target with R1 then press either up or down to recruit. In conversation pressing either left or right responds positively or negatively respectively. In car it changes radio stations.

On Foot

  • TRIANGLE - Enter/exit vehicles, Active Mini-Game, Punch/Kick, Pick up/Activate object, End Cellular Call.
  • CIRCLE - Fire weapon.
  • X (HOLD) - Run
  • X (TAP RAPIDLY) - Sprint
  • SQUARE - Block, climb/jump.
  • L1 - View stats, fire weapon.
  • L2 - Cycle through weapons. Cycle through targets. Zoom in(sniper/camera)
  • R1 - Lock on target. Enter scoop view on sniper.
  • R2 - Cycle through weapons. Cycle through targets. Zoom in(sniper/camera)
  • L3 - Move Carl.
  • L3(TAP) - Duck
  • R3 - Move cross hairs(while holding R1).
  • R3(HOLD) - Look behind.