Cops 'n' Crooks

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Is a multiplayer game for GTA IV. It has two game modes all for one and one for all. In all or one the crooks have to get their boss to the escape vehicle it's either a boat or helicopter. The cops try to kill the boss before he escapes. In one for all the crooks have to try either kill all the cops or get the escape vehicle again a boat or a helicopter. The cops try to either kill all the crooks or wait and follow them to the vehicle and destroy it. Also note that if you die you are done and have to wait for the round to end. If you kill someone in either it's $100. In all for one if the cops kill the boss they make $1000. If the boss escapes the crook team makes $1000. In one for all if all the cops die then the crooks make $1000. if a person makes it on a boat they make $250 per person who escapes. Note that if the crooks kill all cops and have their vehicle destroy then the cops win.