Cortez Crew

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The Cortez Crew is another gang from Vice City, It is led by fomer Colonel Juan Cortez.It was originated in some country in South America,most likely Colombia or Bolivia.

Theire members include Cortez's right hand man Gonzales, who turned out to be a traiter and stoled alot of his coke.He was later chainsawed to death by Tommy Vercetti on Cortez orders.By this time they were also at bad term with the French Mob when Vercetti was sent to collect a secret missle technoligy chip by a french guy called Pierre La Ponce in a mall but Tommy was unaware he was being followed by the french which involved a shoot out at the mall and then Vercetti chased and kill Pierre,take the chips,and bring it back to Cortez.

Cortez got in to another battle with the French.Cortez was leaving Vice City but the French were blocking this from happening so Cortez Crew fired first and a shoot out at the sea happends in which led to many of dead Frenchies floating in the sea.