Cossie (mission 1)

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This is a vehicle side mission and is started by entering a vehicle instead of going to a phone. It is recommended that you do these missions to help build up your points.


Enter the White Cossie in northeast Island City to begin the mission. Pablo tried robbing a jewely shop and needs to be picked up fast. You'll need to first pick up a cop car and then drive to the Diamond Wholesalers in south Island City. After you pick up Pable, he tells you to drop him off at his house in southeast Tellburg.

Text Strategy


N alley, W big, N alley.

Cop car.

S alley, Cross big, S small, Cross big, S small, ->W so W.


E, S big, Follow big E, N into Garage. END!

Video Strategy (External Link)

If the directions were too confusing, here is a video which follow them:

White Cossie by SilentPhill's GTA 1 Let's Play on YouTube