Crime and Punishment

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Crime and PunishmentRoman is hiding in a dumpster because he believes he is being followed. An attacker hits Niko over the back of the head with a gun, and the two cousins are taken to meet with the "the boss". Two new characters, Andrei and Dimitri, torture Roman and Niko in Mikhail Faustin's basement, in order to extract information from them. They demand to know who Niko is working for, but Niko refuses to give a serious answer. Faustin comes down and kills Andrei unexpectedly, and then shoots Roman in the stomach in order to keep him quiet. He agrees with Niko that Vlad was an asshole, and asks Niko to do some work for him. The only reason Faustin wanted Vlad around is because he was fucking his sister, apparently. Dimitri tells Faustin they "have a buyer for the TVs."


After the cutscene, bring up the cellphone and dial 911. When the cops arrive, steal their car and lose the one-star wanted level. Niko calls Dimitri for further instructions - there are three vans in the area, and you need to find them and pull them over before they reach their destinations. One of these vans has the TVs that Faustin wants, and you need to find out which one it is. Pull over each van separately and approach the driver at the window. The driver will get out and show you what's in the back of the van. Once you have located the van with the TVs, pull it over and one of the drivers will begin shooting. Steal the van and take it to the lockup on Concord Avenue to complete the mission. Afterwards, Niko calls Dimitri to inform him that the mission was successful. He then invites you back to Faustin's home for some more work.