Cuban-Mexican War

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The Cuban-Mexican War began in Grand Theft Auto:Vice City Stories it was a turf war between The Cubans and the Cholos.It Started in 1984 when the Cubans arrived in Little Havanna it provoked the Cholos causing a Turf war between the two opposing gangs.Later on the Cholos were ordered by Jerry Martinez to start Chaos on the streets but unfortunatley that failed because Vic Vance Helping the Cubans Defend in the misson Balls.That leads up to the misson Papi Don't Screech when the Cholos threaten to kill Umberto Robinas father Alberto

Cholo Gang member

Robina.Note that The Cholos are enemies with all the gangs members in the gang.


Following the events of the Cholos almost killing Umberto's father Umberto wants revenge on the Cholos.In the misson Havana Good Time Umberto plans to rob the Cholo's gun Warehouse.

Vic has to fight his way into the warehouse and defend the two vans packing the heat.But after they take the guns and go Vic planted Bombs in the Cholos pinata.After this the Cholos discover it it eventualy explodes causing all the cholos to be whiped out.Later on after this event Little Haiti becomes a gang-free comunnity for a while.Than somewhere in 1986 in the events of Gta Vice City the Haitian Gang takes over Little Haiti it eventually leads to another gang war when Tommy Vercetti frames the Cubans for killing a Hatian Gang Lord.

Vic Vance helping the Cubans

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